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50 Pop Party Freezer

Starts at $150

We’ll deliver a freezer loaded with up to 125 of your favorite pops in up to 6 flavors. You pay for the first 50 and then only $2 per pop for each pop you use over 50.

100 Pop Party Freezer

Starts at $200

Same as the 50 pop freezer, but you get 50 more pops and then $2 per pop over 100. We will deliver the freezer with up to 6 flavors.

100 Pop Party Cart

Starts at $300

We’ll show up at your event and give out pops to your guests. It’s $3 per pop for the first 100 and only $2 for each additional pop.

The Big Event

Prices Vary

Having a festival or event with more than 500 people? We’re all over it. We’ll show up at your event and sell pops all day long. We’ll even give up to 20% back to your organization.

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